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Zac Thompson: What Is 4/20 Anyway?

24 Apr 2017, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Cannabis has long been the target of criminalization and its use remains a hotly debated topic. Yet more and more states are legalizing the substance…. Read more: United States, Canada, Jeff Sessions, Drug… Marijuana on Huffington Post

Canada Moves To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

14 Apr 2017, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced legislation on Thursday that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana next year. The propos… Read more: Canada, Justin Trudeau, Marijuana Reform,

Guy Gets His Grandma To Smoke Weed For The First Time

05 Apr 2017, Posted by Canna Expert in News

This gives baking with grandma a whole new meaning. Watch Andrew initiate his granny, Helen, into the world of weed in a new video from Cut. (The clip… Read more: Marijuana, Grandparents, Weird News News … Marijuana on Huffington Post