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Party Earth: The Growing Need for the Cannabis Sommelier

23 Jun 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Just like the food, wine, and spirits industries have their specialized experts, connoisseurs, and sommeliers, it’s time for the Cannabis industry to employ true quality searchers and finders. Read more: Marijuana, Cannabis, Taste News … Marijuana on Huffington Post

Chris Weigant: Feeling the Bern, From Beginning to End

22 Jun 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

I can now say I have felt the Bern, from beginning to end. I have seen how the Bernie revolution began and I have also seen it entering the homestretch of campaigning during the primary season, one short week before California and a few other…

Microsoft Is Going Into The Marijuana Business

21 Jun 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Microsoft is about to help the government regulate your weed. The tech giant will join forces with KIND Financial, a company that makes software for t… Read more: Marijuana, Marijuana Legalization, Microsoft,

Jason Kitchen: After 13 Years in Prison, Weldon Angelos is a Free Man

12 Jun 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

13 years ago, Weldon Angelos’ world was turned upside down; his life instantly transformed into a veritable nightmare. At the age of 24, Angelos was indicted on three counts of marijuana distribution to an undercover informant. Read more: Weldon Angelos, Marijuana… Marijuana on Huffington Post