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Amos Irwin: The Folks the Pot Laws Forgot

30 Aug 2015, Posted by Canna Expert in News

In states where their -prohibited activities have not become illegal, their records still haunt folks. Recreational cannabis has been legalized by voters through ballot initiatives in four states. However, the old pot convictions don’t influence that weight 4 million Americans. Read more:

Tony Newman: ‘ Drugs’ Teaches Millions

25 Aug 2015, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Why are some drugs legal and some forbad? Do we detain about 600,000 Americans each year for cannabis possession, but sell tobacco and most on alcohol corners? Why do we lock up people who dole out the similar drug Ritalin to our kids, and use…

Idaho Thwarts Stoners By Replacing Mile Mark

19 Aug 2015, Posted by Canna Expert in News

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — If you are seeking milepost 420, you will not locate it in Idaho. Idaho transportation officials say the mile mark has been… Read more: Weird Idaho, Marijuana, 420, I… Dope on Huffington Post