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Bud Boom! Here’s How Quick The Cannabis Business Is Growing, In 5 Graphs

11 Apr 2015, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Marijuana Boom! Here's How Fast The Cannabis Industry Is Growing, In 5 Charts

The cannabis business is booming, also it does not reveal any signs of slowing down in the close future.

Legal pot is the most rapid-growing sector in America, based on another report from researchers at The ArcView Group, a cannabis business investment and research company located in Oakland, California. In the following couple of years, a bustle of states are anticipated to think about the legalization of recreational cannabis. Most Americans continue to support full legalization, nationwide, and by 2016, it is completely possible that cannabis might be a wedge issue in the presidential election.

“These are exciting times, and new millionaires and perhaps billionaires are about to be made, while concurrently society will become safer and freer,” Troy Dayton, CEO of The ArcView Group and publisher of the 3rd version of the State of Legal Marijuana Markets, said in the executive summary of the report. “We think the development of a responsible, politically engaged, and money-making, legal cannabis business will hasten the day when not one adult on the planet is penalized for this particular plant.”
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  • Mystic Madman

    Crime is down, people are happier, the cops are more at ease and NO
    increase in DUIs.
    Livin the dream in Washington State!!!!!!!

  • EatAllYourFish

    Once the generation that grew up demonizing it is dead and gone, the
    novelty will wear off, and then it will truly be free and no big deal
    anymore… no legal/illegal, just marijuana, humanity’s companion plant for
    1000’s of years up until fairly recently… use it or don’t use it, YOUR
    choice, not someone else’s…nice upload DB…cheers…

  • Cas Smith

    Don’t you get it people 

  • Andy Almeida

    Cannabis rocks your lame ass!

  • Lonestar Loner

    I think it’s a silly that we Americans haven’t revolted totally over the
    Goddamn silly tyrannical drug wars, Which is a war against our Civil
    Liberties. I decide what I put in my body, Not some criminal ,lying
    thieving,Globalist Luciferian. the Gov’t should be taught the Hard way that
    “WE THE PEOPLE” are the Goddamn Boss, Gov’t doesn’t give orders to people,
    People Give orders to the damn gov’t. If it takes another 1776,So be it,
    Give me liberty OR Give me Death!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flash 7

    America, land of the enslaved and home of the drug addicts.

    Yeah. You can make money selling marijuana, but keep in mind that the
    easiest way to make money is by going along with the evils of the beast
    system. If you don’t think the beast system supports the legalization of
    marijuana and wants all Americans stoned out of their minds and thus easier
    to control, they got you real good on that one.

  • DAHBOO777

    #Marijuana Boom! Here’s How Fast The #Cannabis Industry Is Growing, In 5

  • Brook m

    If you have not – please watch- The history of marijuana.

  • ross blake

    Marijuana Boom! Here’s How Fast The Cannabis Indu…:


    Here’s the dirty little secret, Monsanto is in on it. He will genetically
    modify it to be more intense and to the point that the effects will
    literally leave its user a useless zombie. And for all of the benefits it
    has, well you can be certain he’ll remove them as a priority. If you think
    about it, the current miracle benefits that weed has on humanities health
    goes directly against the very thing Monsanto stands for which is making us
    sick and disease ridden for big pharma etc.

  • BloodlessKills

    I don’t agree with marijuana use medically or recreationally and if it gets
    legalized where I live I’m moving to Utah :3 

  • Barack Bush

    FEMA Camps? “That sounds delicious braaaah!”

    – we’re doomed. +DAHBOO77 

  • violeman

    Something Popular that can be Taxed .. 😛

  • Ron Colson

    Its time for Scott Walker to get out of Wisconsin so my meds can be able
    for me to get here


    Wish Ohio would legalize marijuana! I can’t enjoy it too risky to lose my
    job over, and for my darn Dr. Too ruins it for me, stays in ur system
    longer than hard drugs! I’d explain more but this is half America, my doc
    ill different, but kinda don’t wanna reveal why Dr had me stop, a d I drive
    forklift, but I don’t sleep well anymore, but I got clean p by force, or
    lose job or move… I drink more now which is worse in my opinion.

  • ufoimtc

    Weed like anything can be abused. It is everyones God given right to make
    there own choices NOT a devil infested control freak government who are
    supposed to uphold the will of the people…NOT BIG PHARMA.

  • Raffiel Sullivan

    Now, its an industry????? what about all the black lives destroyed along
    with their families dismantled…. now you want to turn around and
    decriminalize it???? how is it that suppose to happen????? now the white
    man wants to make money off the very thing that is so bad????? and where
    are all these billions of dollars coming from??? it sure isnt the poor
    black community????? now all of a sudden whites like Marijuana???? and it
    is ok to use???? you been using it… and the demand has always been from
    you people….. you made the black man look like shit… pointing your
    unrighteous finger…. all the while it’s you…. who are the biggest
    consumers of that and everything else…. burn in hell is what I say.

  • alicia lawson

    about time!

  • Robert Whitaker

    Hopefully Indiana wakes up.
    My prescription for “Viibryd” is $195 after insurance.

  • Ian Monam

    How, high are you