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Catherine Hiller: Mommy and Me and Marijuana

09 Mar 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

My husband is very supportive. My three grown sons feel some mixture of pride, amusement, and embarrassment about my latest book Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir, which has been featured in popular publications and websites. My friends are happy for me in my new…

The Influence: These Lousy Drugs Are Going to End The Drug War

08 Mar 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

It’s a rare day when the prohibitionist establishment and die-hard drug policy reformers are in agreement — but that happens to be the case more often than not when it comes to what the U.S. insists on calling “synthetic drugs.” Read more: Synthetic Drugs, K2,

Mary Otte: No, Cannabis Is Not a Cure for Cancer Yet

06 Mar 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Is cannabis a good medicine for cancer patients? Absolutely, and for so many reasons beyond its speculative curative properties. Does it cure cancer? No. Not that we can quantify. Read more: Cannabis, Cancer, Cannabinoids,

Peter Harrison: The LDS Church and Utah Politics

05 Mar 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Here in the state of Utah our 2016 legislative session is in full swing. Only lasting a mere 45 days the session is one of the shortest in the nation. Despite being such a short length Utah legislators pass hundreds of bills every year, oftentimes…

Tony Newman: Why It’s Time to Legalize Drugs

03 Mar 2016, Posted by Canna Expert in News

This year, between April 19 and 21, the United Nations General Assembly will hold a special session on drugs and the world will have a chance to change course. As we approach that event, we need to ask ourselves if we are on the right…