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How Warren Buffett Would Invest in Marijuana Stocks

16 Mar 2015, Posted by Canna Expert in News

An introduction to marijuana stock investing with Alan Brochstein of 420 Investor. Understand why most cannabis stocks are not worth investing and also learn about the few that are.

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The marijuana stocks have gone insane since the first trading day of the year when recreational weed become legal in Colorado. Since they’ve gone parabolic, I’ve been looking for reasons to short them.

  • Rusten Kniv

    I was gunna buy this stock…but then i got high….

  • Kevin F

    Oh yea you are going to Colorado to talk to the marijuana store owners and
    “get some perspective” ;)

  • nainjatt

    Hey Chris, how come you got attracted to this shitty world of penny stocks

  • demonta hammond

    Seems to me when the leaders give us something they control us with it, so
    for us to get hell of money from this not happening. 

  • AJ Robertson

    What do you think about all of these stocks or other marijuana related
    stocks long term wise? I mean if you look at history, when one state
    legalizes something, many follow. My anticipation would be legalization in
    most if not all 50 states. Would this permanently inflate the price of
    marijuana stocks instead of just artificially blowing up like that over


  • Deacon Blues

    But would it be a good idea to buy weed stocks now, after their parabolic
    moves have collapsed? We’re probably going to see more and more states
    legalize weed. People wanna get high and its a source of revenue for the
    states. The immediate future seems bullish.

  • J Kerse

    Chris, so youd rather make 50% in a day than 1000% in a week? Looks like
    you missed the trade

  • Derek Kellen

    I bought mdbx this morning. Big mistake. I’m down 14k on my position so
    far, but I hope it comes back. We shall see.

  • UlyssesKrunk

    Why would the price jump only after MJ became legal, instead of when it was
    announced that it would become legal? I would think that the price would
    have already gone up in anticipation of the giant increase in sales.