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Legal Weed News Invest in Grass Stocks My “Jack Pot” Purchase

01 Apr 2015, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Grass AKA Bud is Legal (sort of) Invest in Pot Stocks Now Boom or Flop this may be your last Opportunity How To Use Google Finance Follow Stocks Pot Stocks Manner Up I ‘m attempting a new type of video here so let me understand what you guys believe. This is kind of a non live livestream. It ought to allow for a better video and enables me to reveal to you the display better. I go through the procedure for showing you the best way to utilize Google Finance to follow trading and your stocks. I use it and it comes in really useful in order to follow along with your portfolio. Google makes it really simple and you’ll be able to research firms you’re interested in also. Today all the pot stocks I bought made a tremendous jump and I go over that a bit in this video too. Thank You for viewing and please Share my Videos Opinion on the Like them and ensure you are Subscribed..;-)

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The Green Baron discusses the present and future possibility of Health Marijuana and Cannabis stocks on MoneyTV

  • mikemer79

    Your a better than warren buffett :)

  • 462ANIMAL
  • Power Surge

    holy shit you have a lot of fitx that shit is at floating between .09 and
    11 cents now!

  • erika telalagic

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  • HoschtonBoy

    Awesome Nathan. I don’t smoke anything anymore, drink or do anything like
    that but I sure do like the way you try to help thousands of people. Thank
    you for being you and I would like to see more of you this coming year.
    Take care dude!

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  • Stephen618IL

    This i think would be a good stock to invest in if you choose the right
    ones and thank you for letting me know how stocks work and how to follow. I
    like knowing to invest in it and what the out come can be.

  • Francis Nyarku

    I’m very excited for the future of Growlife(PHOT) stock.

  • bren seventies

    so I guess were all moving to Colorado 🙂 yay :)

  • Joel Dales

    I’ve never invested in stocks yet but I don’t want to miss out on the green
    rush. Money is tight right now so i’m wondering if this is truly worth the
    risk. I’m looking to spread $500 USD across at least 4 to 5 different
    companies. Is it worth it? Should I hold off a bit? Could the feds shut
    everything down?