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Why you should invest in Cannabis Coin

27 Mar 2015, Posted by Canna Expert in News

Why you should invest in Cannabis Coin

I truly enjoy what they’re attempting to do with this particular coin. Attempting to make a coin really backed by something. Undoubtedly one you need to pick up or at least observe.
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  • Lee Southard

    Whats your outlook on Cannabis Coin at this time? Just started mining, was
    the easiest barrier to entry for me.

  • cain nuss

    I like your vids man even though this one didn’t pay off haha… What’s
    your take on coin shield ? Anti scam coin they call it as well not sure if
    it’s got longevity or not hard to tell. Subscribed cheers

  • Jessie Cypto

    Everyone smart knew the dump was coming. What a bad call. Right now the
    price is cheap. If you lost 90% of your investment then you better be sure
    to invest in CANN right now. On Oct. 20th, $100 at 15,000 sat => $10 now.
    Invest $100 today and price goes back to 15,000 sat => $1000. $200
    investment = $1100 profit because you got into CANN early.

  • Powbits Testpow

    Cann dropped 70% in price after your vid lol! what irony hahhaaha .. Like
    your vids tho.. dont wanna hate or something lol its just funny as hell..
    Im waiting a bit for the storm to clear and then ill make a position.
    Keep on making the vids and i keep on like’n em 

  • Patrick Likes Bitcoin